Kitaria Fables


Accessories & Skins – We want to hear from you!

Hey Cool Cats!

With a range of different skins and accessories to choose from and discover, we want to hear from you! Let’s open the wardrobe and walk the Paw Villiage runway.


Change up your look with different skins

Tabby? Choco? Black? Kitaria Fables lets you switch up your look at any time. Match your favourite feline or change things when the mood takes you. In the future, we want to add even more skins to Kitaria Fables.

Which one is your favourite so far?


It’s time to open your wardrobe

It’s cool for cats. On your adventures, you’ll unlock accessories such as wings and hats, which can boost your attributes and help you customise your appearance.

What accessories and skins would you like to see in Kitaria Fables?

We’d love to know what skins, accessories and customisation options you’d like to see in Kitaria Fables. Whilst our content and DLC plans for launch are already locked-in, we intend to add more to the game well beyond release!

You can let us know by commenting on this post – or reaching out via the Steam Forum.