Kitaria Fables


An Ancient Outlawed Magic…



Magic Is Outlawed In Kitaria…

You have inherited the skill to wield a great power. Be careful who you trust with this information! In the world of Kitaria, the art of magic is strictly prohibited.



…But You Obtain A Spellbook

Embarking on your quest for the very first time,

the mysterious and notorious Sage Alby

reluctantly shares wisdom from an ancient spell book,

 introducing you to the lost art of magic.



Overcome The Elements

Harness the elements of fire, water, wind & earth, learning the old ways of a magic outlawed by The Empire long ago! With a huge range of skills to learn, collect ‘spell spheres’ to trade with the Sage to
unlock new spells.


With Great Power…

…comes great responsibility. Sage Alby is wise and experienced in magic,¬†take heed of his advice and tread carefully.

Not everyone is as accepting of magic and it’s users…