Kitaria Fables


Beta Hotfix – 19/04/21


A new hotfix is now live! Here are the changes:

  • Fixed some Game Options not being saved- Set Default BGM Volume to 80%.
  • Fixed full screen forcing aspect ratio to 4:3.
  • Fixed Co-op bug that fireball instruction persists for player 2.
  • Fixed Combat Arrows appears in cutscenes.
  • Increase UI D-pad key icon by 25%.
  • Fixed Kale Dish quest problem (for who already take the quest and are unable to proceed, please finish the Vegetable Juice quest first).
  • ¬†Adjusted several NPC position.
  • Fixed several problems on Item Description in Spanish localisation.
  • ¬†Fixed several problems on Quest Note in Spanish localisation.
  • Fixed wrong translation “Kid” in Japanese localisation.
  • Fixed some plant placements in River Dungeon 2F.
  • Reduces player footstep sound by 20%.
  • Increase auto attack delay by 0.1 seconds for precision.
  • Fixed Settings disappearing issue when there is no resolution supported.
  • Fixed Enemy’s Spell Effect persisting after inflicted by frozen status.