Kitaria Fables


Beta Hotfix – 20/04/21


We have another small update to iron out a few issues, and some problems that yesterdays patch didn’t fix. Find the notes below:

  • Fixed Game Options that were still not being saved.
  • Fixed some issues with equipment replacement & VFX.
  • Fixed problem with the Fairy Wings item.
  • Fixed problem in “The Faster The Better” quest.
  • Fixed Warm Drink quest (for who already take the quest and unable to proceed, please try to finish Vegetable Juice and Kale Dish quests first).
  • Fixed Monster targets obstruction issues Fixed some text colour at Shop Confirmation.
  • Fixed unwanted shadow with the Noble Bow.
  • Decrease sensitivity when using Left Stick on switching Inventory slots.
  • Fixed Invisible wall at Paw Village.
  • Fixed Inconsistent action key for shop interaction and its vendor NPC’s.
  • Fixed text overflowing in dialogue in some languages.
  • Fixed Items that were stuck in barricade.
  • Fixed items that were unable to be picked up.
  • Fixed several quest issues.