Kitaria Fables


Beta Hotfix – 22/04//21


We found some extra bugs that we have squashed for you all! Patch notes below:

  • Fixed Item description displaying negative attributes.
  • Fixed Toadstool not doing any damage when consumed.
  • Reduced Character rotation momentum while using Vanity.
  • Polished Sand dunes area with more clear wall textures.
  • Fixed Null Map display name after changing language in-game for the first time.
  • Fixed Day display not changing automatically after switching language in-game.
  • Moved Freshwater swamp teleporter to safer area.
  • Fixed Game freezing issue when switching back to the title screen in coop mode.
  • Fixed save file deletion crash.
  • Change shop interaction button from X to A.
  • Nerfed Healing Wind Skill.
  • Adjust honeycomb & ironstone drop rate.
  • Adjusted skill unlock requirement.
  • Adjust monster rate – boss dungeon.
  • Fixed several minor issues.