Kitaria Fables


Closed Beta – Thanks for your support!


Hi Everyone,

We wanted to extend a huge


to everyone who took part in the recent Closed Beta. Your feedback has been invaluable in allowing us to make a number of improvements.

If you weren’t able to take part in the Beta – we welcome any thoughts, feedback and suggestion from the whole community! So if you’d like to get in touch, feel free to post in the Steam Forums on reach us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram!

Here are just some of the improvements we’ve been able to make to the game so far, all thanks to your help!

  • Improved NPC positioning for easier interaction
  • Quickened footstep pace for faster travelling
  • Adjusted auto-attack for better combat precision
  • Improved accuracy of monster targeting
  • Adjusted controller sensitivity for easier menu navigation
  • Re-mapped shop interaction buttons for ease of use
  • Adjusted skill unlock requirements to aid progression
  • Adjusted monster spawn-rates in multiple areas
  • Polished textures in certain regions to aid navigation…and we were also able to identify a number of smaller improvements, bug fixes and more!

Of course, the journey doesn’t end here! We’ll be working hard right up until release to make sure Kitaria Fables is the best that it can be! There will also be more opportunities to try Kitaria Fables for yourself in the future ?

Thanks for your support,

– PQube & Twin Hearts