Kitaria Fables


How Does Farming Work In Kitaria?

Hello from Paw Village! ?

We really hope you enjoyed Steam #NextFest and had a lot of fun with the Kitaria Fables demo! Now you’ve got to experience Thunderbunn farm, we’re here with a guide on how farming works.



?Step by step guide

You will receive all the tools you’ll need to start your farm and shape it however you want, use your tools to remove any loose rocks and tree logs that may be in the way.

Once you’ve cleared out your farm it’s time to start preparing your field with a hoe and planting seeds you can buy from Kiki! With a range of fruit and vegetables available to you, you can section each area to grow a particular crop, or just go wild and plant everything everywhere!



? Your farm, your rules! Just don’t forget to use your trusty watering can to keep your crops hydrated! ?



?Meet Kiki

The adorable bunny will help you with all your farming needs!

Complete all of her quests to unlock even more seeds to grow more exotic fruit and vegetables.