Kitaria Fables


Key Allies On Your Quest

A lone adventurer can’t change the tide of history alone. Meet three key allies you’ll encounter on your quest…


Meet with Sage Alby

The majestic polar bear Alby lives in isolation to the North-West of Paw Village. As wise as he is tall, it won’t be long before approaching him for help in understanding the reasons behind the recent troubling events.


Meet Commander Hazel

You’ll first meet Commander Hazel at the towering Rivero Fortress to the South-East of Paw Village. Her calm, measured temperament makes her a formidable commander in the Empire’s army and a fearsome ally in the fight against the region’s monsters.


Meet Chief Oliver

Oliver is the village elder and the second resident you’ll meet on arrival in Paw Village. Having long kept a watch over the village and its citizens – he’s only too pleased that you have come to help defend this peaceful way of life.

Are you ready to meet your neighbours?