Kitaria Fables


Kitaria Fables: FAQs!

Why can’t I pause time whilst in my inventory during combat?

As part of the strategic nature of the combat – you hotkey your health items and weapons for battles, and it’s up to you to manage them!


Is my character progressing even when I die? Do I gain XP?

You keep all your inventory when you die and simply respawn the next day at your house; you also have the ability to check your attributes in the menu to see how you have progressed.


I can see objects in the world that I can interact with, but I don’t seem to have the items required. Does the game slowly drip feed mechanics?

Yes, the game scales up! As you progress with the game you unlock multiple tools that you can use throughout the land of Kitaria to gather materials such as logs, stone, and ore. This also applies to combat, Melee (Sword) -> Magic -> Ranged (Bow)


Can I import my demo progress into the full version?

Unfortunately you can’t transfer your progress, but it shouldn’t take you too long to get back to where you left off!


When do I start farming?

You start farming by completing your first dungeon, going back home for a well needed rest, and then speaking with Kiki. She will then give you your first farming quest ‘Farming Trial’. On this quest, a previously locked treasure chest on Thunderbunn farm will now be available, and your farming adventure can now begin!


How do I get my skins from the deluxe edition?

Once your purchase the Kitaria Fables deluxe edition, you are then able to download the included skins from your platform store. When your skins have been downloaded, they should be waiting for you in-game, within your inbox outside your home!


Can I play 2-player on Nintendo Switch with one joy-con each?

You need 2 controllers to play on switch or 2 sets of joycons.


Can I move my farm’s location?

The farming area in Kitaria Fables is a designated area. The latest patch has an expanded farming area, so make sure you have kept your game up-to-date!


What is Kitaria Fables price?

Kitaria Fables (standard edition) is launching at

Digital: £16.99 / $19.99 / €19.99

Physical (SRP): £29.99 / €34.99 / $39.99

Buy now:


What languages are available in game?

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese – Brazilian.


When is Italian language support available?

Italian is available in the Steam version on launch, and coming soon to PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms.


I share my console with someone – is the deluxe edition skins tied to only one account?

Yes – whatever account you purchase the deluxe edition, DLC will be tied to, and only available on that account.


Are there side quests in the game?

Yes – There are both primary quests that progress the story and side quests that you can undertake to earn extra paw pennies and special items!


How long does it take to beat the main story?

The main story takes around 15 hours to complete if you focus solely on the primary quest. However playtime can span upwards of 30-40 hours depending on if you complete side quests and tend to your farm.


Can I customise my character?

Yes! There are plenty of skins, wings and hats to customise your character with, resulting in hundreds of possible combinations!


Is there DLC for Kitaria Fables?

Yes – you can purchase additional cosmetic items, including wings and headgear! Check out the digital store within your platform of choice!


Do I need to buy DLC to customise my character?

No! There are plenty of options to customise your characters skin and cosmetic items within the base game!


Are all quests combat based?

No – while Kitaria Fables gameplay contains amazing class-less combat spanning from close quarters melee to ranged bow attacks, to magic across multiple elements, not all quests are focused on fighting. There are multiple additional quests which require you to gather resources, tend to your farm or help one of the residents in Paw Village!


Can you improve your attributes in-game?

Yes – within the menus you’ll find a range of different attributes to make Nyanza faster, more durable, have higher chance of critical attacks and more!


What frame-rate does Nintendo Switch target?

When played in handheld mode the Nintendo Switch version of Kitaria Fables targets 30 frames per second. If the Nintendo Switch unit is docked, the game then targets 60 frames per second.


Is there any difference between previous generation and current generation versions?

Current generation platforms (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X) support faster loading times.


Is there keyboard and mouse support on Steam?

Yes – you can play Kitaria Fables with your keyboard and mouse on PC.


How big is the twin heart team?

Twin Hearts is a development team of 3 core people!