Kitaria Fables


Location Spotlight – Upfield River

Let’s take a closer look at one of the first locations you’ll encounter in Kitaria Fables. Upfield River on the outskirts of Paw Village!
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We hope you enjoy!

– PQube & Twin Hearts
Kitaria Fables

Immerse Yourself in Upfield River

The world of Kitaria is vast and varied. One minute you’ll find yourself scaling snowy mountains, the next in secret lakes, hidden deep in lush forests. The first place to familiarize yourself with upon arriving to Paw Village is Upfield River. Surrounded by different fields and plains, your first task in this area is recovering Timmy’s lost backpack.
Kitaria Fables

Field Foes

Timmy lost his pack as the local creatures have been acting strange and increasingly hostile. You’ll need to be careful of the roads ahead, which are teaming with a variety of foes.
Kitaria Fables

Snatch and Grab.

You’ll need to fight your way through the swarm of bees and orcs at Byriver Field in order to find Timmy's lost bag. Then it’s back to Paw Village to hand it in!
Kitaria Fables

Where to, Nyanza?

From here, your adventure will take you beyond Paw Village and Upfield River. Will you head into the Forest Sanctuary next? Farm yourself some rare drops from the local creatures? Or give your hand at a spot of farming? That choice is entirely up to you.
Kitaria Fables