Kitaria Fables


Meet the Developers!

Hi Everyone,

We’re so glad to see that so many of you have been enjoying the Kitaria Fables Demo at Steam #NEXTFEST! For those of you who have encountered Kitaria Fables for the first time this week – and those who have been following Nyanza and Macaron for months! – we prepared a quick Q&A with developers Twin Hearts.

We hope you enjoy reading!

– PQube Team



Firstly – Please introduce us to yourself and your development team!

“Hello! We are Twin Hearts from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our team consists of three people – Yogie as the lead game designer and programmer; Yossy as the 2D and 3D artist; and RaGal as the game designer and story writer.”


How long has Kitaria Fables been in development?

“We’ve been working on Kitaria Fables for just over 2 and a half years. In that time we’ve tried to implement lots of content and change and adjust elements until we found the best combination for the combat system, RPG elements, art & environment. It’s been quite a journey!”


What existing games does Kitaria Fables take inspiration from?

“Games such as Rune Factory were one of our main inspirations when creating Kitaria Fables. We want to give players a similar experience – but with a simplified farming system and a greater emphasis on combat.”



In your own words, tell us a little about what we can expect from Kitaria Fables?

“As a fan of RPG and simulation games, we tried to mix and match some RPG elements with a farming system. We didn’t try to make it too complicated and we hope that players enjoy it!”



Kitaria Fables combines farming with traditional RPG elements like crafting, exploration and combat. What rewards or benefits will players get for growing crops and tending to their plot of land?

“The main purpose of the farming system is to supply players with necessities. Harvested crops can be used to replenish health or to cook meals to boost attributes. Alternatively, you can simply place crops in the selling box to gain money!”



Can you tell us more about how the combat will work in Kitaria Fables?

“In Kitaria Fables there is no class system – the player is free to use either a sword or bow. There are also magic skills for both weapon types and the ability to cast spells with 4 magic elements and unique debuff, status, ailments and effects. With such freedom and skill variety, players can follow their own combat style and switch it up at any time.”



What role does magic play in Kitaria Fables?

“In the story, magic is prohibited by The Empire. Anyone caught performing magic will be arrested. But little do they know, the cause of the rising darkness in Kitaria is magic powers, and it only can be countered by other magic powers. Our main character currently doesn’t know it, but they possess this power…

Once they learn about it, they will be able to fight back the ferocious monsters and help bring back peace to the land.”



Kitaria Fables is full of rich, appealing environments. Can you tell us about the inspirations behind the art and environments in the game?

“We love the lively and vibrant environments in games such as Fantasy Life. Our aim was to keep things simple, but use good colour selection and good object placement in each area to create a rich world environment. We hope players agree that the game world looks rich and alive – but at the same time is easy to navigate.”



Kitaria Fables is full of friendly – and not so friendly! – citizens. Do you have a personal favourite character?

“My personal favorite is Macaron! Full of expression and fun to write…and says whatever is on their mind!”



Finally – Do you have any hints or tips for players when they first start to explore Paw Village and the world of Kitaria?

“The land is quite big, so I suggest exploring it slowly, from the nearest to the farthest (the further you go, the more ruthless the monsters get!). Don’t forget to visit the nearby blacksmiths constantly to upgrade your equipment and craft new spells whenever you’re ready.

Remember though, there’s no need to rush anything, and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy the game to the fullest!”



We know that a rising darkness is changing the once-peaceful lands around Paw Village. Can you tell us a little about what players must do to uncover the truth behind these events?

Follow your heart! *wink*”