Kitaria Fables


Paw Village – Home Is Where The Heart Is

Tasked with protecting the local townspeople from the monsters that creep the nearby wilds, Paw Village is where Thunbderbunn Farm and an array of speciality vendors call home.

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Kitaria Fables

There is Much to Explore

As you build your relationships with the villagers, they will begin to offer their speciality services to you. From farming and cooking, to smithing and crafting – bring back the resources and loot you find in the world to trade and buy everything you need!

Kitaria Fables

Shamrock – The Blacksmith

Shamrock, and the other Blacksmiths found around the world of Kitaria, are your one stop shop for everything weapons and armour. From new blades, bows, helmets or chest plates – the Smithy will always make sure you are geared up for your next adventure!
Kitaria Fables

Ms Apple – The Town Chef

An adventurer cannot dungeon crawl on an empty stomach! Some creatures that have been defeated will sometimes, alongside dropping loot, cough up some ingredients. Give these to Ms Apple and she’ll cook, bake, boil or blend most of these into tasty treats for you! From a quick heal, buffed defenses, or some powerful stat bonuses – all food, drinks and snacks in Kitaria come with perks, and it some cases, nasty side effects!
Kitaria Fables

Wheat, Strawberries and Kale – Oh My!

Fancy cooking from fresh, home grown ingredients instead? Kiki has got you! Selling seeds for a variety of fruits, vegetables and crops – planting and tending to them on Thunderbunn Farm always you to reap the rewards if cared for properly! As your relationship with Kiki develops and you help her out with a few errands around the world, more seeds will become available to you. Nothing tastes better than some fresh raspberries before an adventure!
Kitaria Fables