Kitaria Fables


Ready yourself – it’s time to fight!

Before the Calamity, towns and cities were safe and living in peace. Now, a mysterious darkness hangs over the land, bringing monsters, creatures, and a whole host of problems for the residents of Canoidera. It’s your job to keep these people safe. How you do so…is up to you.

Every foe in Canoidera drops valuable, and sometimes rare, ingredients or crafting components. Store these in your inventory back on Thunerbunn Farm to begin saving for your next big upgrade.

We hope you enjoy!

– PQube & Twin Hearts
Kitaria Fables

Trust In Your Sword

Your starting weapon seems meagre at first, but can grow to become one of your strongest companions. Fully upgradable via the Smithy’s found around the world, as well as variants looted from fallen foes and found in secret chests, your sword is the bread and butter of combatting the wilds. From simple upgrades like damage and penetration, to status effects and crit multipliers. Skills can also be assigned to your sword as they are learned, allowing you to perform some unstoppable combos.

Kitaria Fables

A Good Defence is the Best Offence

Attacking isn’t all you’ll need to master to be victorious in combat. Often a single blow from a foe is enough to down our adventurer, so a well-timed tactical roll not only saves you from damage, but opens up your enemy to attack. Keep on your toes!

Kitaria Fables

Pick Them Off From Afar!

Melee combat not your thing? Keep your distance and crush your foes from long range! Bows, much like your sword, can be upgraded to more powerful variants at the Smithy, as well as found scattered around the world. Whether it’s a charged shot, raining from above or some rapid fire – the bow also has a range of skills that can be assigned to give you the edge in combat.

Kitaria Fables

Lookin’ Good As New!

Whether it’s an upgrade to a piece of gear or crafting something entirely new – there’s always a reason to visit the Smithy. From crafting new armour raising your hit points and defence, to backpieces, helmets and accessories sporting an array of different stat bonuses – there’s a combination for every play style.

Kitaria Fables