Kitaria Fables


Teleporting in Kitaria

Hello Paw Residents ?

Public transport isn’t available in Paw Villiage, so you need to get your steps in when you’re adventuring from town to town and between regions.

Travel across the forest, dessert, and icy mountains can be dangerous so we have just the thing!



How to get around Kitaria

To make it easier for you and your companions, you can fast travel around Kitaria to avoid all those vast and treacherous regions to get to where you need to go.

You can visit Hazel in Rivero Fortress to get your quests to progress and quickly teleport back to Paw Villiage to Ms. Apple to complete once you have all the items you need.

Go between Paw Village to Rivero Fortress as many times as you want, no Paw Pennies required!