Kitaria Fables


Trailer Fever in Paw Villiage!

We share 3 brand new trailers to give you an inside look at what to expect from Kitaria Fables

? Welcome to Paw Villiage ?

  • Make friends with your neighbours
  • Meet your fellow villagers like Timmy, Chief Oliver, and Ms. Apple
  • Tend to your crops
  • Kiki will always be there to help you with all your farming needs! Shop for seeds and complete
    quests to unlock even more exotic fruits.
  • Purchase goods
  • Shop with Timmy to ensure you have all the basics that any adventurer needs on a quest!
  • Craft items
  • Visit Shamrock to craft special weapons and Ms. Apple to create meals to help you on your
Kitaria Fables

? Fight back against the rising darkness ?

  • Classless combat
  • With a range of weapons and magical abilities, you’re never restricted to a combat style!
  • Wield an ancient magic
  • Visit Sage Alby to begin your journey to becoming a powerful feline who can harness a range of spells
  • Upgrade your armoury
  • As you progress through the story you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment with multiple NPC’s in different areas of Kitaria
Kitaria Fables

? Explore the vast world of Kitaria ?

  • Plunder resources
  • Explore different biomes, from desserts to icy mountains. You will encounter a range of enemies to fight chests to loot and natural resources to plunder.
  • Meet new friends
  • On your travels, you will be able to forge new friendships
  • Awaken powerful monsters
  • Think you can handle a challenge? In your duties to protect Paw Village, you will encounter many powerful enemies to keep you on your paws
  • Uncover the mysteries of the rising darkness
  • ? ? ?
Kitaria Fables
Finally – we’re also pleased to announce that Kitaria Fables will be in your hands a whole day earlier(?!)

Kitaria Fables will release on September 2nd 2021

Kitaria Fables