Kitaria Fables


Your Day and Night in Paw Village

Hello Paw Residents! ?

Nothing is better than waking up bright and early in the morning to start your day, whether you start slow with a croissant from Ms. Apple or you’re up and at’em to tend to your crops ready to sell, you’ll get to experience a whole day and night cycle in Kitaria Fables.



Good Morning

Rise and shine Nyanza! You can begin watering your crops in the mornings to help them grow, plant any more seeds you might have purchased from Kiki, or sell your harvest for Paw Pennies to keep your farm going, all before heading off on your adventures.



Weather Forcast

Rain may be a cat’s worst nightmare but for your crops, it’s the best thing! No need to water your fruit and vegetables today so you can continue your adventuring early, if only you had an umbrella so you didn’t get wet.



Golden Hour

You’ve been hard at work helping all the residents of Paw Villiage, exploring all the different regions and dungeons, and gathering resources to improve your weapons and farm but you must be careful!

As the sun sets Paw Village stalls will begin to close down for the day and you will begin to see different enemies on your travel back who have been hiding in caves ready to come out of the shadows! Get home quick!



Good Night

Take one last look at your hard work! Crops growing, resources from enemies safely stored in your chests, and all of your quests handed in. It’s time for bed, get your well-earned rest to start it all over again!